Help our scholars by donating items through our Wish List, such as prom expenses, sports fees, music lessons or take-out on a Saturday night.

You may pay with your:

Credit Card ~ Via PayPal or your PayPal account. You will receive a receipt for tax purposes in the mail.  

Check ~ Contact us at and let us know the item you would like to purchase.  Checks should be made out to A Better Chance of Westport and sent to:

A Better Chance of Westport
P.O. Box 2153
Westport, CT 06880

Thank you!

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Bowling/Movies A fun activity on a weekend or a no school day. 6 $100.00

Pizza Night A perennial favorite for our scholars - take out pizza on a weekend night. 12 $100.00

Kitchen Equipment Items needed to run an efficient kitchen. 8 $50.00

Outdoor Sports Equipment Soccer balls, basketball net, football... 6 $100.00

Group Activity During those "no school" days and some weekends, we take the boys to plays, NYC museums, trips to D.C., Boston... 30 $200.00

Saturday Morning Bagels/Muffins Our boys love Saturday breakfast. Bagels and muffins are a must at least once a month. 19 $30.00

Saturday Donuts Who can resist donuts every once in a while? Our boys are no exception, this is a special treat once a month. 6 $30.00

Subway Sandwiches Saturday afternoons can be a little dreary especially in the winter. It's a highlight for the boys to get Subway sandwiches. 17 $50.00

Chinese Take Out Chinese Take Out is the boys' favorite. They would order it every night if they could. 19 $100.00

Take Out Saturday nights can be a little quiet some time. Take out is a really nice treat especially on a rainy or snowy night. 19 $100.00

Sport Team Fees/Logowear From soccer to wrestling to volley ball to rec basketball to baseball... 15 $100.00

Art Supplies Sketch pads, charcoals, special pencils, who knows we may have a Pablo Picasso among us. 2 $50.00

Computer Supplies Ink Jet Cartridges, Paper, etc. What would we do without our computers and printers? 10 $50.00

Piano Tuner The boys love playing the piano. It's not too fun to play an out of tune piano. 1 $100.00

Linens & Towels As in every household, it's time to get some new towels and linens. 16 $50.00

Playstation 4 Games Fun to get a game or two every few months for the house especially during those snowy/rainy days! 9 $60.00

Playstation 4 Accessories Always something new... Or just need some extra accessories that work with the games. 3 $50.00

Movie Rentals Movies On Demand...Great for Friday and Saturday nights! 7 $25.00

Month of Cable TV/Internet What would we do without our Cable and Internet? We have some big TV sports' watchers in the house. They would be devastated! 24 $120.00

Holiday/School Vacation Travel Planes, Trains and Automobiles...Help our boys return to their families for Thanksgiving, Winter or Spring Break! 32 $200.00

Music Lessons Our scholars want to try everything. Each boy can choose a month of lessons for the instrument of their choice. 8 $250.00

Airport Transportation/Red Dot Help our scholars get to and from the airport for school vacations and holidays. 30 $100.00

Transportation for Dances Help our scholars get to and from the dances safely with their friends. 8 $50.00

House Stuff Miscellaneous house supplies - flashlights, batteries, etc. 7 $50.00

Tux Rentals Our boys could be in GQ. 8 $160.00

AP Testing Fee The fee for each exam is $92. 9 $92.00

Scholars' Bedrooms... Sometimes the scholars' bedrooms need a little dressers, mattresses, study lamps, etc. 14 $100.00

Dining Rooms Chairs We needed new dining room chairs. 19 $50.00

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